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Colorize SEM images easily: go from black and white to color in just a few clicks. Objects are detected automatically. No need to create layers or play with transparency.
Reconstruct 3D surface topography from two successive tilted scans of your sample in just a few seconds and obtain accurate height values.
Upgrade your SEM images to 3D in seconds: generate a 3D model from 4 images obtained using a four-quadrant detector and visualize otherwise invisible details.
Generate rough-draft 3D renderings from single SEM images to improve visual interpretation of the image (contrary to 3D reconstruction from stereo pairs, height values are not metrological in this case).
Automatically detect and count particles and other micro-structures, calculate over 70 different characteristics (area, perimeter, diameter etc.) and sort them into user-defined classes.
Set images to scale and accurately measure any feature directly on the image itself: lengths, areas, perimeters, angles etc. Extract and measure profiles and horizontal contours (cross-sections).
Correct and enhance SEM images: smooth, remove image artefacts, fix lighting and interactively adjust brightness and contrast of SEM images.
Stitch together multiple SEM images with overlapping fields of view to produce a single high-resolution image.
Combine SEM images from different detectors (SE + BSE) or with data from other measurement instruments (AFM/SPMs, 3D optical microscopes) for correlative analysis.


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MountainsSEM® Color

Software compatible with any scanning electron microscope (SEM)

  • Includes image correction & enhancement tools as well as a powerful automatic colorization feature together with basic analysis and measurement tools.

MountainsSEM® Expert

Software compatible with any scanning electron microscope (SEM)

  • Includes all MountainsSEM® Color features
  • Adds ultra-fast 3D reconstruction from stereo or quad SEM images, instant 3D enhancement of single SEM images, automatic image colorization, enhancement & correction and an extensive range of 2D analysis & characterization tools.

MountainsSEM® Premium

High-end 3D visualization and analysis software for scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

  • Includes all MountainsSEM® Expert features: ultra-fast 3D reconstruction from multiple SEM images, instant 3D enhancement of single SEM images, SEM image colorization, enhancement & correction and advanced 2D analysis & characterization tools.
  • Shell (freeform surface) data can be visualized and analyzed.



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