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What’s inside MountainsSEM®

SEM image colorization & enhancement
  • “Click and color” tool for colorizing SEM images quickly and easily
  • Apply image correction and enhancement tools
3D reconstruction from stereo pairs
  • Reconstruct 3D surface topography from two successive tilted scans of your sample in just a few seconds and obtain accurate height values.
  • Obtain accurate height values and evaluate surface roughness.
3D reconstruction from 4 images

Reconstruct 3D surface topography from 4 images obtained using a four-quadrant detector.

3D rendering from single images
  • Generate rough-draft 3D renderings from single SEM images
  • Improve visual interpretation of the image
Create 3D chemical maps with EDS data

Build spectacular 3D renderings associating EDS (EDX) maps or other spectral/compositional data with topography reconstructed from SEM images

FIB-SEM tomography
  • Load, display and analyze focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy image series
  • Associate tomography and chemical analysis
2D particle analysis

Apply powerful particle analysis tools to your SEM data and automatically identify and quantify features in your image using SEM-specific object recognition.

Fiber Analysis
  • Quantify interstices & individual fibers, even if they overlap
  • Calculate diameter & orientation of fibers
  • Use SEM-dedicated fiber detection algorithms
Correlative analysis
  • Combine SEM images from different detectors or with data from other measurement instruments such as AFM or EDS (EDX)
  • Colocalize your SEM images with spectral analysis data

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MountainsSEM® Color

Instrument compatibility

Any scanning electron microscope (SEM)

Product features

Quick SEM image colorization

Basic analysis and measurement tools

Image correction & enhancement tools

Ultra-fast 3D reconstruction from 2 or 4 SEM images

Instant 3D enhancement of single SEM images

EDS/EDX map overlays on surface topography

Optional modules

Correlative Microscopy

2D particle analysis & characterization

Option Option

Fiber Analysis

Option Option

FIB-SEM tomography cubes visualization & analysis


Contour analysis

Option Option

Support for Shells (freeform surfaces)


Advanced profile analysis

Option Option

Advanced Topography Analysis

Option Option

Fourier & wavelets analysis

Option Option


Option Option

Thickness Analysis

Option Option

4D Surface Change

Option Option
Available as an option
Not compatible

Recommended optional modules

The following range of optional modules for advanced and specialized applications is available for MountainsSEM®.

Chemical Cubes Module

Full visualization & analysis of multi-channel cubes of compositional data

Fiber Analysis Module

Analyze fiber morphology including diameter & direction in SEM images (SE and BSE modes), light microscopy images and on topographical data.

Shell Extension Module

Freeform surface management, complex shape analysis, high quality 3D visualization

Spectroscopy Module

Visualize, process, analyze and correlate spectroscopic data: IR, Raman, TERS, EDS/EDX, XRF and more

Contour Analysis Module

Basic geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of contour profiles & horizontal contours extracted from images & surfaces

Particle Analysis Module

A comprehensive toolset for detecting and analyzing particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on structured surfaces

Advanced Topography Module

Advanced studies, parameters & filters for 3D (“areal”) surface texture analysis

Thickness Analysis Module

Global or zone-specific interactive thickness characterization based on a pair of surfaces or profiles

Advanced Profile Module

Advanced profile filtering, Fourier analysis, fractal analysis and statistical analysis of series of profiles

Fourier & Wavelets Module

FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets

4D Surface Change Module

Analyze surface evolution with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension



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