Easy SEM image colorization: go from black and white to color in just a few clicks. Objects are detected automatically. No need to create layers or play with transparency.
Superfast 3D reconstruction of surface topography from two scans at different tilt angles, SEM anaglyphs, images obtained by a 4-quadrant detector or even from a single image.
Topography measurements - distances, step heights, areas, volumes, dimensioning of profile contours and cross-sections extracted from images.
Characterization of surface roughness and texture – advanced roughness/waviness filtering techniques – 2D and 3D parameters from Ra to ISO 25178.
Advanced surface analysis of small objects, structures and features – morphology, grains and particle analysis and more.
Colocalization – combine SEM images from different detectors (SE + BSE) or with data from other measurement instruments (AFM/SPMs, 3D optical microscopes).

Key features

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MountainsMap® SEM Color

Software for scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

  • All the essential features for SEM image colorization, enhancement & correction as well as an extensive range of 2D analysis & characterization tools

MountainsMap® SEM Topo

Software for scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

  • Advanced features including ultra-fast 3D reconstruction from 2 or 4 SEM images and instant 3D enhancement of single SEM images
  • Includes all MountainsMap® SEM Color features

MountainsMap® Premium

High-end software solution for all types of surface measuring instrument

  • Working with several different instruments? Mountains® software solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.



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