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Critical dimension analysis

  • Detect peaks or trenches quickly and easily
  • Work with profiles, series of profiles or topography (surfaces), including multi-channel SPM or profilometry data
  • Calculate parameters relative to Critical Dimension analysis: height, top/middle/bottom CD, sidewall angle, pitch, width/pitch ratio etc.
  • Display surface geometry and values for each profile or for each pattern
  • Quality assurance: statistically evaluate each detected pattern
  • Refine option: make your statistical analysis more meaningful by choosing to exclude certain profiles with aberrant values (width, height, first or last peaks/trenches etc.)

NB: Profiles and surfaces must be correctly leveled before performing Critical Dimension analysis.

Line edge roughness

  • Calculate line edge roughness (LER) and line width roughness (LWR) parameters on the edges of bands detected in SEM images
  • Detect bands using thresholding, the Canny method (to compensate unequal charging effect on edges) or detect bands between trims (when grey level varies little)
  • Calculate parameters relative to Critical Dimension analysis: line/band/pattern width, pitch
  • Process large quantities of data using Mountains® automation tools (more details in this article)

Available as an optional module with :

  • MountainsMap® Imaging Topography
  • MountainsMap® Expert
  • MountainsMap® Premium
  • MountainSEM® Color
  • MountainSEM® Expert
  • MountainSEM® Premium
  • MountainsSPIP® Expert
  • MountainsSPIP® Premium
  • MountainsSpectral® Premium
  • MountainsImage® Starter
  • MountainsImage® Expert
  • MountainsImage® Premium
  • MountainsLab® Expert
  • MountainsLab® Premium