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What’s inside MountainsMap®

Roughness and ISO parameters

Analyze roughness and calculate surface texture parameters according to ISO 25178, ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 21920 etc. and other national standards

Data correction

Prepare your measured data for analysis by removing outliers, local defects and noise.

Surface geometry

Analyze surface geometry: calculate distances, areas, step heights, volumes and much more.

Surface stitching

Increase profilometer range. Use stitching to expand range of all axes (including Z) and overcome instrument limitations.

Sub-surface analysis

Extract and analyze regions of interest, then study them in the same way as complete measured surfaces.

Shell (freeform surface) analysis
  • Load, visualize and analyze freeform surfaces (shells)
  • Perform surface texture analysis on the whole shell or extract an area to analyze seperately
Advanced contour analysis
  • Perform full geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis
  • Fit elements, calculate deviations and dimensions
  • Compare with CAD models
Particle analysis and more

Carry out advanced surface texture analysis:

  • Particle analysis
  • Fourier & wavelets
  • 4D analysis (surface evolution analysis over time etc.)
  • And more
Correlative analysis

Perform correlative analysis and colocalize data from any profiler or microscope, all with the same software.

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Instrument compatibility

All profile and areal measuring instruments

All profile and areal measuring instruments

Areal optical profilers producing topography maps together with an intensity image and/or a color image

  • Confocal microscopes
  • Focus variation microscopes
  • White light interferometers

Suitable for areal optical or contact stylus profilometers producing topography maps

  • Areal contact profilometers
  • Scanning single point optical profilometers

2D contact or optical profilometers

Profile roughness and waviness analysis

Basic analysis of surface data

Stitching of images and surfaces, outlier removal & multifocus reconstruction

Support for file formats from optical profilers

Automotive parameters, advanced filters

Advanced analysis tools (Profilometry)

Exhaustive list of parameters for surface texture analysis

Support for time-series of surfaces and freeform surfaces (shells)



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