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⇒ Visualize composition of materials in full 3D

  • Associate tomography & chemical analysis
  • Analyze each voxel as multiple channels, one per material (for example using confocal Raman, FIB-SEM in EDX imaging mode)
  • Alternatively, analyse the cube voxels as a single intensity channel (with FIB-SEM in BSE mode)*
  • Choose from a wide range of visualization & animation settings including dynamic image segmentation and filtering
  • Use color mixing and 3D image segmentation simultaneously to see where particles of one material are located in relation to others in the cube
  • Show/hide each material with only one click (and choose to “cut away” any material when you wish to see the others)
  • Extract slices as color images
  • Cut through the cube in any orthogonal direction to extract a multi-channel image (chemical map) for 2D analysis
  • Generate Shell studiables (freeform surfaces) from multi-channel cubes to study particle morphology
  • Produce particle and grains statistics directly from cube data

* FIB-SEM data compatibility will be available Fall 2021