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What’s inside MountainsSpectral®

Correlative Analysis
  • Colocalize images and spectral maps from a single instrument or multiple instruments
  • Combine information from different sources into a single, multimodal dataset
Process Spectral Maps
  • Process Raman, cathodoluminescence, photoluminescence, fluorescence, EDX/EDS and EELS maps
  • Optimize rendering, palettes, color mixing and transparency
Process & enhance images
  • Correct and enhance images obtained through spectroscopic techniques: apply smoothing filters, remove image artefacts, fix lighting and interactively adjust brightness and contrast.
Visualize 2D compositional data in 3D
  • Create 3D chemical maps by colocalization with microscopy images or topography data whenever available (TERS, confocal, SEM stereo reconstruction etc.)
  • Generate chemical maps with 3D-texture effects using single SEM images or optical microscopy images as backgrounds
See composition of materials in full 3D
  • Associate tomography & chemical analysis
  • Load 3D multi-channel cubes of compositional data (“chemical” cubes)
  • Visualize confocal Raman imaging
Process & analyze spectra
  • Get spectra ready for analysis: correct the base-line & filter to remove noise
  • Use Band view
  • Perform multivariate analysis

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MountainsSpectral® Premium MountainsSpectral® Expert MountainsSpectral® Correlate

Instrument compatibility

Spectroscopic techniques: Raman, TERS, IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, EDX/EDS, XRF

Colocalization for correlative analysis

Spectral map processing, enhancement & composition

Image correction & enhancement

Topography analysis (i.e. based on AFM images)

High-quality overlays of compositional data on topography

Advanced processing & analysis of spectra

Particle analysis

Multi-channel (chemical) cubes visualization & analysis

Optional module

Optional module

Optional module

Recommended optional modules

The following range of optional modules for advanced and specialized applications is available with the MountainsSpectral® range.

Chemical Cubes Module

Full visualization & analysis of multi-channel cubes of compositional data

Particle Analysis Module

A comprehensive toolset for detecting and analyzing particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on structured surfaces




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