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Analyzing force spectroscopy data with Mountains® 9.1


In this webinar, Mathieu Cognard, our SPM Product Manager, gives participants an exclusive first look at the new tools available in the Mountains® 9.1 software release (new version available December 2021) for force curve and force volume analysis.


Upgrading metrology services with Mountains®9, with Covalent Metrology


00:00 – 06:02 Intro by Covalent Metrology  | 06:02 – 08:26 Presentation of Digital Surf  | 08:26-45:50 Mountains®9 live demo | 45:50 – 49:11 Conclusion by Covalent Metrology | 49:10 – 56:04 Q&A session

We’re excited to be teaming up with Covalent Metrology to offer a demonstration on how to use Mountains® 9 software for fast and efficient surface characterization.

In this webinar, we introduce the Mountains® program and show you how its customizable, automated workflows can enhance both efficiency and reliability in your analysis. We provide a walkthrough demonstration on example datasets collected by Covalent experts that will guide you through several key features for data processing, interpretation, and reporting.


Particle analysis for SPM users

In this webinar, you can follow on with Dalia Yablon as she demonstrates tools included in MountainsSPIP® software for particle analysis on SPM images.


Chemical and morphological analysis in SEM with Mountains® 9

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at a few of the tools now offered by MountainsSEM® image analysis software for performing compositional analysis and morphological analysis on scanning electron microscopy images.


What’s coming in Mountains® 9?

In this webinar, we will give you a sneak peek into the new and exciting features coming in version 9 of the Mountains® software platform for surface and image analysis.

This new major version will be released early June 2021 and will contain new features for users of 2D (profile) and 3D (areal) profilometry, scanning electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopic techniques.


MountainsSPIP® series: Transition for an AFM user, with Dalia Yablon


This webinar is aimed at AFM users starting to work with MountainsSPIP® software for AFM image analysis.
In particular, it is designed to help those currently using SPIP™ software from Image Metrology make the transition to MountainsSPIP® before the end of SPIP™ technical support and maintenance (Dec 2020).
The webinar will demonstrate basic image analysis for AFM users.


Best practices for 3D reconstruction of 2D SEM images


In this webinar, we demonstrate techniques for 3D reconstruction of Scanning Electron Microscope images using MountainsSEM® analysis software.

You’ll learn how to reconstruct a 3D model from 2 SEM images, 4 SEM images and from a single SEM image.


Contour Analysis with Mountains® software



In this short webinar, we will demonstrate basic geometric dimensioning and tolerancing of contour profiles using Mountains® surface analysis software.
You’ll learn how to use dimensioning and tolerancing tools, results tables and reports


MountainsSPIP® series: Particle Analysis



With MountainsSPIP® software, users can easily detect and quantify particles, pores and other micro-structures of any shape and size.
This webinar gives a comprehensive overview of this feature.


MountainsSPIP® series: Preparing SPM Images for Analysis


With this webinar, we’ll take you through some of the basic concepts of using MountainsSPIP® for image analysis for users of AFM, STM and other SPM techniques.

In particular if you are new to MountainsSPIP®, perhaps already familiar with SPIP software, this webinar is designed to help you get up and running quickly.