MountainsMap®  is dedicated surface analysis software for 3D optical profilers measuring topography, scanning 3D surface profilometers using contact or non-contact techniques and 2D profilometers.


Scanning Electron Microscopy

MountainsMap® SEM is dedicated image enhancement, 3D reconstruction and metrology software solution for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) including tools for colorization and particle analysis

Scanning Probe Microscopy

MountainsMap® SPM is dedicated imaging and analysis software for Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques including atomic force microscopy (AFM), STM, MFM, SNOM, CSAFM, KPFM, etc.


MountainsMap® Premium and Universal packages are multi-purpose and advanced surface imaging, analysis and metrology software solutions for all types of surface measuring instrument


Finnish high-tech company FocalSpec, specializing in devices for fast surface measurement, and Digital Surf announced they have teamed up to release FocalSpec Map


06 August

Are you going to the 2018 Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting in Baltimore from August 5 to 9? Visit us on booth #425 to get a live demo of Mountains software and sneak preview of version 8 features.

Digital Surf has been developing surface imaging & metrology software for profilers and microscopes since 1989

Our main focus is on working as a partner with instrument manufacturers worldwide, in the fields of surface metrology and microscopy. Mountains® software is now offered by the majority of profilometer and microscope manufacturers and is embedded in their equipment or available as an option.

Digital Surf also provides MountainsMap® software packages directly to instrument users. Mountains® has an installed base of 12,000+ licenses worldwide, is available in 11 languages, supports ISO and national metrology standards and is supplied by 50+ instrument manufacturers.

Application areas include: automotive, material science, semiconductors, medical, aerospace, MEMS, renewable energy, etc.


Semiconductors: characterizing 3D structures at the nanoscale

Nanolithography is a precise patterning technology used to fabricate functional nanostructures for applications in biosensors, advanced materials and extensively in the semiconductor sector for solar cells, printed electronics, LED, MEMS, etc.

Solar cell pyramids – visualization of 3D surface topography

Pyramid-shaped solar cells are particularly effective for converting energy from the sun into usable energy without the problem of overheating. In a study on solar cell performance enhancement, industrial researchers used MountainsMap® to visualize surface topography in 3D and overlay a color image of solar cells on topography.

Learn surface metrology

Dive into our free online surface metrology guide and learn how to characterize surface texture in 2D and 3D using the right parameters and filters


What is the Sdr parameter and when can it be used?

Have you ever heard of the Sdr parameter? What if it turned out to be the ideal indicator for characterizing the functionality of your surface data?

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