Compatible with all scanning probe microscopy techniques including atomic force microscopy (AFM), STM, MFM, SNOM, CSAFM, KPFM, etc.
See everything that you measure - real time visualization of 3D surface topography and multi-channel image overlays
Get your data ready for analysis - enhance your data with correction, normalization & denoising operators. Remove anomalous scan lines and isolated artifacts.
Analyze force volume: visualize and analyze force curves, calculate parameter maps & study correlation with topography
Study grains & particles: analyze grains and texture cells, detect motifs using advanced segmentation, calculate morphological parameters & generate statistics
Co-localize data - combine data from multiple instruments and perform correlative analysis of your materials

Key features

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MountainsMap® SPM

Imaging & analysis software for scanning probe microscopes.

  • Compatible with AFM, STM, CSAFM, KPFM, MFM, NSOM and other techniques

MountainsMap® Premium

High-end software solution for all types of surface measuring instruments.

  • Ideal for labs working with several different instruments



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