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What’s inside MountainsSPIP®

Advanced particle analysis
  • Easily detect and quantify features of any shape and size
  • Quantify 70+ characteristics (height, area, volume, perimeter etc.) for the whole sample or individual particles
  • Create classifications and generate statistics on one or several populations
Force spectroscopy
  • View, process and analyze force curves and force volume images
  • Correct data, create interactive parameter maps and manage large collections of curves
  • Calculate adhesion, Young’s modulus, energies, stiffness, WLC etc.
Correlative analysis
  • Combine SPM images with data from other instruments (SEMs, 3D optical microscopes, confocal microscopes etc.) to perform correlative analysis
  • Colocalize with chemical composition data
Multi-channel imaging & analysis
  • Handle multi-channel files
  • Visualize different channels in 3D
  • Apply analysis to a single layer or to all layers
  • Extract multi-layer cross-sections
Automate SPM image analysis
  • Make SPM image analysis faster and more efficient
  • Analyze large batches of data automatically
  • Save your progress and resume your work where you left off
  • Access powerful statistical tools
Data correction & normalization
  • Get your data ready for analysis with correction, normalization & denoising tools
  • Remove anomalous scan lines and isolated artifacts
  • Use FFT-based filtering and thresholding
Lattice & lateral calibration
  • Automatically determine a lattice by detecting a unit cell
  • Calculate correction parameters then apply them to measured data
  • Adjust unit cell detection based on FFT analysis
Tip deconvolution
  • Correct image distortion due to tip convolution
  • Simulate or reconstruct tip geometry and re-use it for the deconvolution of other measured data
Surface texture analysis
  • Characterize surface texture in accordance with international standards
  • Apply advanced ISO 16610 filtering techniques and ISO 25178 3D parameters

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    MountainsSPIP® Premium

    MountainsSPIP® Expert

    MountainsSPIP® Starter

    Instrument compatibility

    Any scanning probe microscope (SPM) including atomic force microscopy (AFM), STM, SNOM etc.

    Product features

    3D views with animation

    Advanced File Explorer

    Automation (template documents and document save/load features)

    Basic correction tools (level, correct lines etc.)

    Essential 2D & 3D parameters and filters

    Dimensional measurements (step heights, distances etc.)

    Full reporting facilities including PDF and Word export

    Full set of statistical tools

    Tip deconvolution

    Image stitching

    Optional modules

    Detection, analysis and classification of particles and pores


    Colocalization (correlative analysis)

    Option Option

    IV Spectroscopy


    Force curve analysis

    Option Option

    Contour Analysis


    Advanced Contour Analysis


    Fiber Analysis

    Option Option

    Scale-sensitive Fractal Analysis



    Option Option

    4D Surface Change

    Option Option
    Available as an option
    Not compatible

    Recommended optional modules

    The following range of optional modules for advanced and specialized applications is available for MountainsSPIP® range.

    Force Curve Analysis Module

    Analyze force spectroscopy data: force curves (force-distance curves) and force volume. Measure adhesion events, nanoindentation and fit WLC models.

    Particle Analysis Module

    A comprehensive toolset for detecting and analyzing particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on structured surfaces

    IV Spectroscopy Module

    3D visualization and analysis of IV spectroscopy images and individual IV curve analysis (including CITS data)

    Spectroscopy Module

    Visualize, process, analyze and correlate spectroscopic data: IR, Raman, TERS, EDS/EDX, XRF and more

    Critical Dimensions & Trenches Module

    Calculate critical dimensions and characterize line edge roughness / line width roughness in semiconductor fabrication processes.

    Contour Analysis Module

    Basic geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of contour profiles & horizontal contours extracted from images & surfaces

    Advanced Contour Analysis Module

    Advanced dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD-compare, Gothic arch and other advanced functions

    4D Surface Change Module

    Analyze surface evolution with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension

    Correlative Microscopy Module

    Process spectral maps, correct and enhance spectral image data and perform correlative analysis

    Fiber Analysis Module

    Analyze fiber morphology including diameter & direction in SEM images (SE and BSE modes), light microscopy images and on topographical data.

    Scale-sensitive Analysis Module

    Multi-scale methods for analyzing geometric properties of surfaces and their scale derivatives (formerly in Sfrax software)



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