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What’s inside MountainsImage®

Get images ready for analysis
  • Display your images in true color or pseudo-color
  • Enhance and optimize color palettes
Particle Analysis
  • Apply powerful particle analysis tools to your images and automatically identify and quantify features
  • Color segmentation: isolate zones based on color, choose number of components to detect
Fiber Analysis
  • Detect and quantify individual fibers and interstices and generate statistics
Work with images beneath contour
  • Perform contour analysis on horizontal object contour extracted from images
  • Adjust transparency & color palette of underlying images
Measure anything
  • Set images to scale
  • Accurately measure any feature directly on the image itself: lengths, areas, perimeters, angles etc.
Convert RGB to monochrome image
  • Work with luminance, RGB channels, RGB chrominance or optimal contrast
  • Perform analysis on the new monochrome image
Analyze shapes based on luminance
  • Carry out Slices Analysis (thresholding)
  • Generate histograms
  • Analyze texture isotropy

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    MountainsImage® Premium

    MountainsImage® Expert

    MountainsImage® Starter

    Instrument compatibility

    Any light microscope or imaging system that produces a B&W or color image without topography

    Key features

    Load & visualize light microscope images

    Basic correction tools

    Image scaling & measurement tools

    Image filtering & stitching

    Texture isotropy & slices analysis

    Optional modules

    Basic contour analysis


    Advanced contour analysis

    Option Option

    Particle analysis including color segmentation

    Option Option

    Fiber analysis

    Option Option
    Available as an option
    Not compatible



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