3D Advanced Surface Texture

Advanced studies, parameters & filters for roughness analysis

2D Advanced Surface Texture

Advanced profile filtering, fractal and Fourier analysis, series of profiles

Contour Analysis

Geometric dimensioning of contour profiles and horizontal contours extracted from images

Advanced Contour Analysis

Advanced dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD compare, Gothic arch

Grains & Particles

Multiple complementary methods for analyzing grains, particles, islands and surface morphology

2D Automotive

Assess functional performance with a full set of 2D parameters developed by the automotive industry


Automated statistics for multiple data populations, process capability

3D Fourier & Wavelets Analysis

FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets


Visualization & analysis of spectra & hypercubes obtained using Raman & IR spectrometers, CITS etc.

4D Analysis

Analyze surface evolution with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension

Scale-Sensitive Fractal Analysis

Implements a multi-scale analysis based on length-scale or area-scale analyses (formerly in Sfrax software)


Colocalize data from different instrument types and carry out correlative studies

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