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Advanced Topography Module

Advanced studies, parameters & filters for 3D (“areal”) surface texture analysis

Force Curve Analysis Module

Analyze force spectroscopy data: force curves (force-distance curves) and force volume. Measure adhesion events, nanoindentation and fit WLC models.

Particle Analysis Module

A comprehensive toolset for detecting and analyzing particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on structured surfaces

Fiber Analysis Module

Analyze fiber morphology including diameter & direction in SEM images (SE and BSE modes) and optical microscopy images

Chemical Cubes Module

Full visualization & analysis of multi-channel cubes of compositional data

IV Spectroscopy Module

3D visualization and analysis of IV spectroscopy images and individual IV curve analysis (including CITS data)

Advanced Profile Module

Advanced profile filtering, Fourier analysis, fractal analysis and statistical analysis of series of profiles

Thickness Analysis Module

Global or zone-specific interactive thickness characterization based on a pair of surfaces or profiles

4D Surface Change Module

Analyze surface evolution with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension

Contour Analysis Module

Basic geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of contour profiles & horizontal contours extracted from images & surfaces

Advanced Contour Analysis Module

Advanced dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD-compare, Gothic arch and other advanced functions

Colocalization Module

Colocalize data from different instrument types and carry out correlative studies

Lead Analysis (Twist) Module

2nd generation lead (twist) analysis for the automotive industry

Automotive Module

Assess functional performance with a full set of profile parameters developed by the automotive industry

Shell Extension Module

Freeform surface management, complex shape analysis, high quality 3D visualization

Shell Topography Module

A metrological toolbox for shell data (freeform surfaces)

Scale-sensitive Analysis Module

Multi-scale methods for analyzing geometric properties of surfaces and their scale derivatives (formerly in Sfrax software)

Spectroscopy Module

Visualize, analyze and correlate spectroscopic data: IR, Raman, TERS, EDS/EDX, XRF and more

Fourier & Wavelets Module

FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets