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Automatic peak detection, interactive cursor placement

Automatic peak detection (shown by cursors) above a user-definable threshold
Zoom in/out and move spectrum using the mouse wheel
Place cursors anywhere on the spectrum in manual mode
See the wavenumber and intensity amplitude at each cursor location

Visualize series of spectra

Cycle through spectra in a series and display mean spectrum and min and max envelopes
Visualize all spectra in a series for comparison

Visualize hyperspectral cubes

Show average intensity at different wavenumbers by sliding cursor along mean spectrum
Reduce noise using Savitzky-Golay, Gaussian or Median filters

Extract spectra/series of spectra from a hyperspectral cube

Select one or more spectra in a cube interactively
Extract spectra for independent study

Reference spectra, density maps & surface composition

Apply reference spectra to a hyperspectral cube to identify composition
Generate density maps

3D View

Visualize a hyperspectral cube in 3D by flattening it (the Z-axis intensity value for each pixel is a function of the highest peaks of its spectrum)


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See how researchers used the Mountains® Spectroscopy Module to characterize electronic properties of silicon dangling bonds:

Characterizing the silicon dangling bond