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We are on a mission

To make the world a better place. Mountains® users are everyday heroes, working in fields like science, research, quality control & manufacturing. And whether their job involves understanding the role a cell plays in a rare pathology, enhancing illumination yield of LEDs or studying third generation biofuels, their work has a major impact on the betterment of our future.

That’s why, for over 30 years, we have been devoted to developing premium software solutions using (but also exceeding) state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s latest features in order to get our clients results they can rely on. Together, we’re building a better future.

Our story

Digital Surf first started back in 1989 when two French engineers with a passion for image analysis came together to found Digital Surf.

It’s been a long way from Digital Surf’s humble beginnings. We started as a pioneering manufacturer of 3D scanning profilometers. Software however quickly became our key specialty. This is why, some years later, we naturally decided to stop manufacturing measuring instruments and offer our leading analysis software to all manufacturers.

In 1996, our software moved from Macintosh (and MS-DOS) to Windows® and the Mountains® brand was launched. Mountains® was initially designed as surface analysis and metrology software exclusively for profilometers.

We slowly started to branch out and in 2004 new features for Scanning Probe Microscopes & confocal microscopes made their debut. A few years later, the Mountains® range extended again to bring color and topography to Scanning Electron Microscopes.

Today, Mountains® software has become the industry standard in surface & image analysis for engineers, scientists and researchers around the globe. It is composed of five product families with specialized solutions for profilometry, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy as well as a multi-instrument solution for data confluence.

But it’s far from over, as we continue to push boundaries with disruptive innovations in order to deliver high-end solutions with cutting-edge technology to our clients.

Facts and stats

30+ years of experience

developing analysis software

22,000+ Mountains® software licenses

installed worldwide

50+ Instrument manufacturers

providing Mountains® with their instruments

11 Languages

in which Mountains® software is available

Mountains® software is trusted by the best instrument makers

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