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Please note: the Shell CAD compare module gives access to all features contained in the Shell Extension and Shell topography modules.

⇒ Load measured Shell (freeform surface) data (actual) and CAD design models (nominal form) or mathematically generated meshes (for example from additive manufacturing)

⇒ Pre-align models automatically or manually (by selecting similar points on each dataset) – particularly useful in the case of partial measurements

⇒ Let the software algorithms fine-tune the fit

⇒ Calculate and show deviations using user-defined color palettes in 3D view

⇒ Generate result Shell and deviations in order to access other display options and carry out further analysis (surface texture analysis etc.)

Available as an optional module with :

  • MountainsMap® Topography
  • MountainsMap®Imaging Topography
  • MountainsMap®Expert
  • MountainsMap®Premium
  • MountainsLab®Expert
  • MountainsLab®Premium