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⇒ Module designed to serve the needs of the Correlative Microscopy community

⇒ Manage data from spectroscopic techniques including Raman, TERS, FT-IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, EDX/EDS and XRF.

⇒ Process spectral maps: clean-up data and get it ready for analysis; improve visualization quality by optimizing rendering, color palettes, mixing, and transparency

⇒ Enhance spectroscopic images by applying smoothing filters, removing artifacts, fixing lighting, and adjusting brightness and contrast interactively

⇒ Perform correlative analysis:

  • Co-locate images and spectral maps captured by single or multiple instruments
  • Create a comprehensive multimodal dataset by merging information from multiple sources

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Included in

  • MountainsSPIP® Premium
  • MountainsSEM® Expert
  • MountainsSEM® Premium
  • MountainsSpectral® Correlate
  • MountainsSpectral® Expert
  • MountainsSpectral® Premium
  • MountainsLab®Expert
  • MountainsLab®Premium

Available as an optional module with

  • MountainsSPIP® Starter
  • MountainsSPIP®Expert