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Length-scale analysis – on a profile or on a surface (lines or columns). Calculates relative-area in function of scale.

Area-scale analysis – on a surface (one corner or four corners). Calculates relative-area in function of scale.

Log-log graph of relative length/area or complexity in function of scale – Possibility to define the analysis domain and the regression domain for the calculation of fractal dimensions.

Provides regression coefficient R² for functional correlation analyses. Calculates Smooth-Rough crossover and other parameters formerly included in Sfrax software.

Includes Dental microwear texture analysis – formerly included in Toothfrax software, with parameters HAsfc (heterogeneity of complexity) and epLsar (exact proportion of length-scale analysis).

Exports tiles in STL at a given scale. Export graph image. Export graph data in CSV and XLS.

Includes the Statistics module for statistical correlation and discrimination.

Benefits from the Mountains® infrastructure – 64-bit application, file format compatibility, template-documents, profile/surface preparation and filtration.

Read article: Surface texture analysis in Toothfrax and MountainsMap® SSFA module: Different software packages, different results?

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