Automated setup – a Minidoc (applied automatically when a force curve is loaded) denoises force curves, normalizes force curve baselines and calibrates cantilever sensitivity – denoising (median or Gaussian filter) and baseline normalization can be fine tuned interactively, together with cantilever and spring constant settings

Force curve visualization – display attract and/or retract curves – select axis units: X distance, separation or time; Y deflection (in V or nm) or force in nN.

Automatic event detection and parameter calculation – detect and display adhesion events automatically (with optional fine tuning of non-zero attraction point and retraction point cursors) – calculate event parameters: distance, force, slope, distance difference, force difference.

Wormlike chain (WLC) models – generate a wormlike chain (WLC) model for protein unfolding and calculate the persistence length, contour length and estimated spring constant at each event.

Analysis of series of force curves – grid view of all force curves in a series – scroll through a series of force curves and display parameters for each curve in the series – generate statistics (control charts, scatter plots, histograms) on any parameter.

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