Once MountainsMap® has been downloaded, it needs to be installed.
Need to download again? Visit this page.

Please note: before installing a new version of MountainsMap®, the uninstallation of all previous versions is recommended (you can do this via Add or remove programs in Windows settings).


1. Locate the “MountainsMap_v7.exe” file that was downloaded. In most cases, this will be in your Downloads folder, which will be in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME \Downloads\

*TIP: A quick way to get to your Downloads folder is to look for this button on your task bar:

After clicking it, expand the This PC section on the left, and there should be a Downloads folder here.


2. In the Downloads folder should be the MountainsMap® installation file, most likely “MountainsMap_v7_64.exe.”
Double click this file to begin the installation process.
Please note you must have administrator rights to install.

NOTE: If you are seeing the screen below when you double click the install file, then MountainsMap® is already installed on your computer. Please close out of this window by clicking on “No” to cancel installation and proceed to step 4.

Once again, if you would like to install a new version of MountainsMap® we do recommend you uninstall all other versions.


3. Continue through the install wizard to install MountainsMap®.

Enter the installation code you received by email.


Please accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).


Specify where the installed files will be located. Then click “Next”.


We recommend leaving this box checked. Click “Next”.


Click “Install”.


MountainsMap® installation begins. This process can take several minutes.


When the installation is done you’ll see this message. Click “Finish” to close the installer.


4. MountainsMap® is installed and ready to use. To open MountainsMap®:

Windows 10:

Click on the Start button
Open the MountainsMap® folder
Select MountainsMap®


Windows 8.1:

Click on the Start button
Click the down button from the Windows tile screen


Windows 7:

Click on the Start button
Choose All Programs
Open the MountainsMap® folder
Select MountainsMap®

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