Surface imaging and metrology software
for microscopes and profilometers

Integral surface analysis software solutions for microscopes and profilers

Premium surface analysis software

MountainsMap® Premium is a superset of all other MountainsMap software packages and is the market's most advanced surface analysis software.

It is ready to use with most surface imaging, analysis and metrology instruments and includes almost all features required for a complete analysis of your data without compromise.

Modular surface analysis software

MountainsMap® Universal is a software platform compatible with most surface imaging, analysis and metrology instruments.

It is designed to receive a rich choice of optional modules so that you can tailor your own suface analysis software for your specific needs.

Software for 3D & 2D surface profilometers

for 3D optical profilers

MountainsMap® Imaging Topography is dedicated surface metrology software for:

 3D confocal microscopes
 White light interferometers
 Focus variation microscopes
 other 3D-capable optical microscopes

 See your 3D surface topography in true color
 Fix most optical data outliers
 Expand field of view using stitching
 Analyze 3D surface roughness in accordance with the latest standards

for 3D scanning profilometers

MountainsMap® Scanning Topography is dedicated surface metrology software for:

 3D contact stylus profilometers
 Scanning optical profilometers based on single point sensors

 Remove outliers and batwings
 Expand vertical range by surface patching
 Manage non rectangular and interrupted data sets easily
 Analyze surface texture in accordance with the latest surface metrology standards

for 2D profilometers

MountainsMap® Profile is a 2D surface texture analysis software package for:

 Contact (stylus) profilometers
 Low-force semiconductor-oriented profilers
 Non-contact 2D profilometers

 Surface roughness, waviness and form deviation
 Profile curves and many filtering options
 Fully compatible with ISO standards (as well as ASME, DIN, JIS, ...)
 Automation tools and locked modes enable use in production environments< /p>

Software for other microscopes

for Scanning Electron Microscopes

MountainsMap® SEM image analysis and metrology software is designed to meet the specific needs of electron microscopy.

 Add 3D and color to your SEM images using stereo or 4-quadrant topography reconstruction
 Visualize 3D surface topography
 Analyze roughness and form in 3D
 Calculate contour dimensions

for Scanning Probe Microscopes

MountainsMap® SPM is the most complete SPM surface imaging and metrology software package on the market.

Its smart, consistent and robust user interface make it the natural choice of industry.

 Correct most types of AFM, STM, SNOM image acquisition bias
 Stupendous 3D rendering and easy publication
 The most complete package for nano-texture and nano-form analysis

for Light Microscopes

MountainsMap® Image is a powerful image analysis software package designed to study and process color images.

 Quantify spots of color belonging to badly defined shapes
 Calculate form and dimensions of objects
 Count and sort objects, even when non-binarized
 Produce great analysis reports automatically

for Spectrometers

MountainsMap® Hyperspectral is a surface imaging and analysis software package for hyperspectral instruments:

 Raman microscopes/spectrometers
 FT-IR microscopes/spectrometers

 Interactive visualization of spectra, series of spectra and hyperspectral cubes
 Hyperspectral cube density mapping and compositional analysis
 3D analysis of flattened hyperspectral cubes