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Article 1 – Organization of the contest

SARL DIGITAL SURF, a limited liability company, having its registered office located at 16 rue Lavoisier, 25000 Besançon, France, under the following company number: 352 184 683,is organizing the contest which will start on 15/04/2024 at 9:00 AM CEST and will end on 31/05/2024 at 12:00 PM CEST.

Article 2 – Acceptation of the rules of the contest

The rules may be freely consulted throughout the duration of the contest on DIGITAL SURF’s website at the following address:

Any valid participation in the contest is subject to the participant’s (hereinafter referred to as “the Contestant “) full and unreserved acceptance of the rules.

By submitting your 3D view image generated by Mountains® and the data requested for validating your participation you’re deemed to accept formally the rules of the contest.

Article 3 – Purpose of the contest and conditions of entry

3.1 Conditions relating to the Contestant

Eligibility: Anyone who submits a 3D view image generated by Mountains® in .jpeg and .MNT is eligible to participate. There are no age, location, or gender restrictions.

A draw will take place to determine the winner.

3.2 Purpose of the contest

The goal of the contest consists on submitting a 3D view image generated by Mountains® in “.jpeg” and “.MNT” formats as well as fulfilling the guidelines detailed in page:

The Contestant may submit as many files as they want.

3.3 Validation of entries

Mountains® users must fulfill the guidelines in the page: The Contestant is informed and agrees that the information entered will prove his identity.

The Contestant authorizes DIGITAL SURF to use their name and email address, for the purpose of managing their participation in the giveaway, of determining the winner and of allocating and forwarding the prize. Any incomplete or erroneous participation will be rejected, without DIGITAL SURF’s liability being incurred.

3.4 Guarantees and responsibility for the validity of applications

DIGITAL SURF assumes no responsibility for errors, imprecisions or inaccuracies in the information provided by the Contestant.

Any incomplete or erroneous entries will be rejected, without DIGITAL SURF being held liable.

All participants undertake to comply with the rules. Any failure by the Contestant to comply with the rules and any fraud, abuse, cheating or misrepresentation will result in exclusion from the competition, without DIGITAL SURF being held liable.

Thus, DIGITAL SURF reserves the unreserved right to moderate a posteriori and not to validate, or even exclude or remove from the competition, any Contestant who does not comply with one of the conditions of these rules.

DIGITAL SURF shall not be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the prize by a Contestant.

Article 4 – Designation of the winner

A draw will take place to determine the winner.

The draw will take place on 11/06/2024 and the winner will be selected entirely at random.

The winner along with the winning image will be announced on DIGITAL SURF’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. They will also be notified by DIGITAL SURF via email no later than 17/06/2024.

The winner will have a maximum delay of 15 days from receipt of this email to send the information requested for delivery of the prize (shipping address). In case of a lack of response after the established period, DIGITAL SURF will select another winner.

Article 5 – Prize

The winner will receive a wireless headset. The headset comes with a European plug charger.

Article 6 – Personal data processing – privacy

Information communicated by Contestant shall be collected and processed on the DIGITAL SURF’s IT system for exclusive administrative requirements of the contest.

The personal data collected is recorded and used by DIGITAL SURF to memorize their participation in the contest and allow the allocation of the prize. The data that is collected is the Contestant’s full name, email address, company or university and the 3D view image generated by Mountains® submitted.

You can find more information about the Digital Surf Privacy Policy here: (

Article 7 – Intellectual property – Confidentiality

7.1 Intellectual property

In the event that the 3D view image generated by Mountains® submitted is protected by intellectual property rights, Contestant will retain ownership of such rights to the file.

By submitting a 3D view image generated by Mountains®, Contestant are consenting to DIGITAL SURF a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual right and license for DIGITAL SURF to use, transform, adapt, reproduce, reformat and publish the 3D view image generated by Mountains® by any technical process known to date, on any medium (paper, digital, magnetic, optical, multimedia, videographic, storage medium or other), for marketing purposes, without any compensation, notification or permission.

The Contestant expressly declares that he holds all the rights necessary to grant the rights listed above.

The Contestant submitting a file will be credited if requested.

7.2 Confidentiality

Contestant acknowledges and undertakes not to submit images or data of any nature whatsoever that are protected by a non-disclosure agreement or covered in any way whatsoever by an undertaking of confidentiality.

Article 8 – Governing Law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the validity, the interpretation, or the performance of these rules, if not amicably settled, shall be governed by French Law, and settled by the competent Court of Besançon (France).