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MountainsMap® for Profilometry

MountainsMap® is dedicated surface analysis software for 3D optical profilers measuring topography, scanning 3D surface profilometers using contact or non-contact techniques and 2D profilometers.

MountainsSEM® for Scanning Electron Microscopy

MountainsSEM® is dedicated image enhancement, 3D reconstruction and metrology software for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) including tools for colorization and particle analysis.

MountainsSPIP® for Scanning Probe Microscopy

MountainsSPIP® is dedicated imaging and analysis software for scanning probe microscopy techniques including atomic force microscopy (AFM), STM, MFM, SNOM, CSAFM, KPFM, etc.

MountainsLab® for multi-instrument compatibility

MountainsLab® software is the ultimate, industry-standard surface analysis suite and point of confluence for data from any kind of surface measuring instrument, the ideal solution for labs working with different types of microscopes and profilers.


September 21, 2020

Learn more about the different options available to you for switching smoothly from SPIP™ to MountainsSPIP®.


11 November

We will be exhibiting at the next Jasis tradeshow from November 11 to 13 in Tokyo, Japan. Come along and meet Digital Surf experts to get a live demo of Mountains®8.

Digital Surf has been developing surface imaging & metrology software for profilers and microscopes since 1989

Our main focus is on working as a partner with instrument manufacturers worldwide, in the fields of surface metrology and microscopy. Mountains® software is now offered by the majority of profilometer and microscope manufacturers and is embedded in their equipment or available as an option.

Digital Surf also provides Mountains® software packages directly to instrument users. Mountains® has an installed base of 20,000+ licenses worldwide, is available in 11 languages, supports ISO and national metrology standards and is supplied by 50+ instrument manufacturers.

Application areas include: automotive, material science, semiconductors, medical, aerospace, MEMS, renewable energy, etc.


SEM image 3D reconstruction of laser-structured surfaces

Ultrashort femtosecond lasers are known for their capacity to efficiently fabricate complex nanostructures and devices for a wide variety of applications. In two recent studies, the properties of femtosecond laser-structured surfaces were revealed thanks to a unique SEM image reconstruction technique.

Detecting tooth enamel erosion

Researchers in tissue engineering & biophotonics at King’s College London (UK) seeking to attain better understanding of tooth enamel erosion recently applied its methods to bring to light micro-scale surface changes over time.

Learn surface metrology

Dive into our free online surface metrology guide and learn how to characterize surface texture in 2D and 3D using the right parameters and filters


How can I be sure my results can be trusted?

When results differ, which ones can be trusted? Proving that an algorithm is correct is not so straightforward. François Blateyron, senior expert on surface metrology, discusses this complex issue.