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Official launch of Mountains® 8

3rd October 2019

Today sees the official launch of Mountains® 8, Digital Surf’s new-generation surface imaging, analysis and metrology software.

Building on Mountains® 7 released in 2013, Mountains® 8 brings a huge increase of calculation speeds, new types of surface data and greater interactivity. Users in many fields of science and industry will benefit from over a hundred new features.

Check out the video below for more details!


The Mountains® 8 range has been readjusted to best suit customer needs & now offers 3 families of instrument-specific products:
  • MountainsMap® for profilometers including 2D and 3D contact and non-contact profilers: focus is on surface texture, topography and form analysis.
  • MountainsSEM®, dedicated to scanning electron microscopes, with semi-automatic image colorization and 3D image reconstruction.
  • MountainsSPIP®, dedicated to SPM instruments (atomic force microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes etc.)

Research laboratories using multiple types of instruments are also served via new MountainsLab® software, a superset product designed to ensure multiple-source data confluence.

Check out all the new features in Mountains® 8

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