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MountainsSPIP® webinar: Transition for an AFM user

November 18, 2020

This webinar is aimed at AFM users stating to work with MountainsSPIP® software for AFM image analysis.

In particular, it is designed to help those currently using SPIP™ software from Image Metrology make the transition to MountainsSPIP® before the end of SPIP™ technical support and maintenance (Dec 2020).

The webinar will demonstrate basic image analysis for AFM users.

The following topics will be addressed:
• MountainsSPIP® terminology: studiables, operators, studies and documents
• Interactive workflow
• Importing data
• Histograms
• Flattening/planefitting
• Cross-sectional analysis
• Creating 3D images of your data

This webinar will be going out live on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 at 10:00AM EST (4:00PM CET). Even if you are unavailable at this date, please register to receive a link to watch the webinar at a later, more convenient date.

Speaker: Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC

Dalia has over 20 years’ experience in applying surface characterization tools to solve real-world problems across many industries including biotech, chemicals, pharma, semiconductor, food, magnetic storage media, and personal care. Her specialties include nanomechanical characterization, scanning probe microscopy, nanoindentation.