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5 reasons it may make sense to rent MountainsMap®

November 13, 2018

Investing in professional scientific software such as MountainsMap® for surface analysis and metrology can be a complex decision to make. Perhaps you’re not sure if you are going to get sufficient use out of the product or maybe you’re working on a time-limited project? Could a subscription or “rental” be the answer?

1 – You only need the software for a limited time

If your software needs change from project to project depending on what you are working on, renting MountainsMap® may be the solution for you.

2 – You want to test the software before making the decision to buy

Sometimes a 30-day free trial just doesn’t give you enough time to make your decision. Subscription or “rental” licenses are available for periods of 3 months or more. They include access to whatever functions you need, free updates as well as help and technical support. If you decide to buy MountainsMap® at the end of the rental period, 30% of the fee you paid is converted into a discount.

3 – You need to lower upfront costs

Buying a perpetual software license can be a big upfront investment for some companies and research facilities. Renting MountainsMap®, on the other hand, allows immediate full access to the software at a lesser cost.

4 – You need the software for your phd or master’s

MountainsMap® is often used by students completing a thesis or a Master’s project. Renting the software means you aren’t committed beyond the end of your studies. A rental license gives you full freedom to use and publish the results of your work.

5 – You bill back to clients

Renting MountainsMap® means you can directly pass the cost to clients. You can treat access as an operating expense rather than a capital expense.

So, how does it work?

Anne Berger, Direct Sales Manager, explains: “It’s actually pretty straightforward. You select the configuration you want (product and optional modules) and decide how long you wish to use MountainsMap®. This could be 3, 6 or 12 months for example.

After signing an agreement, you will receive a USB dongle. You pay at the beginning of each quarter (by wire transfer, Paypal or credit card) and receive an activation code by e-mail for each payment. You will have full access to our extensive help documents as well as to technical support provided by our team of experts.
Software updates (including major updates) are included in all rental packages at no extra cost. You may also extend your rental period at any time”

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