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In version 8 of Mountains® software, the drivers for the security key protecting the network license (“HASP dongle drivers”) are normally installed automatically.
Note: These drivers may also be called “Sentinel LDK License Manager”, or “RTE (Run-time environment)”, “Run-time installer”. They also include the “Sentinel Admin Control Center”.

If you encounter problems with your network license, we recommend that you first re-install this driver. More information…

Important note: It is for the moment necessary in version 8 to install not only these drivers, but also the “HASP License Manager” used in version 7.
This is necessary to ensure compatibility with older versions of Mountains®, and to ensure that all version 8 features function properly.
Note: Another solution consists in using two security keys on the same computer/server (the security key for version 7, and the security key for version 8).

Installing the “HASP License Manager” (“lmsetup.exe”)

– Locate the Mountains® installation files.
– Open the “Hasp” folder.

If you cannot find your installation files, or if your installation files are too old and do not contain the file “lmsetup.exe”:
– Go to Software updates, and download “DRIVER DONGLE HASP” (“”).

– Unzip the files.

– Right-click and run (as administrator) “lmsetup.exe”, to install the “HASP License Manager”. Choose a language for the installation. Several dialogs guide you through the installation process:

– When asked if you want to install the “HASP License Manager” as an application or as a service, choose “Service”:

– Follow the steps until the final installation.

Starting Mountains® software

You should now be able to use Mountains®.

In case of problems, see also: Trouble-shooting in case of network license problems