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Digital Surf and Taylor Hobson, world leader in surface and form metrology, have a common history dating back almost 30 years. The two companies recently completed a new round of co-developments resulting in the release of an updated version of Metrology 4.0 software with the manufacturer’s brand new Talyrond® 500 PRO, a powerful instrument for roundness metrology. Let’s look at how this latest collaboration came about and highlights the benefits for users.

What is Metrology 4.0 software?

Metrology 4.0 software made its debut in 2018 with the PGI Novus series of surface instruments. Following recent co-developments with Digital Surf, the software now also allows both  measurement and analysis on the Taylor Hobson roundness instrument series.

Mountains® platform software features are seamlessly integrated into Metrology 4.0, which allows better control of the measurement process and the direct creation and export of analysis documents.

This full integration offers several clear advantages. Users working with roundness can now benefit from a fluidified and optimized workflow, with the ability to progress from measurement to reporting within the same interface, making the metrology process much simpler and more straightforward. This is particularly useful in a production context (shop floor use).

Above: View of Metrology 4.0 software in use on the Talyrond® 500 PRO

Features for visualizing and analyzing roundness

Specific features of the new version of Metrology 4.0 software include high-quality 3D visualizations of cylinders and flatness scans, ease-of-use and desktop publishing, allowing users to create personalized analysis documents showing raw measurements and analysis steps performed. Thanks to the multi-instrument compatibility of Metrology 4.0 software, various measurement types can be represented on the same document, for example, roundness, flatness, cylindricity, surface finish and contour.

Above. Screenshot of Metrology 4.0 software showing analysis features for roundness metrology: cylindricity parameters, roundness parameters and flatness parameters can be displayed in a single report.


Bringing together the experience of instrument of software experts

“Cooperation between Digital Surf and Taylor Hobson goes back almost 30 years” said François Blateyron, director of research & metrology at Digital Surf. “Both teams understand each other. Our development department was able to build on its robust scientific knowledge to adapt to the new challenges of roundness metrology in the context of this project.”


“Our combined experience in the field of precision roundness measurement and in-depth analysis software provides unique benefits.” said Jon Gardiner, senior business development manager at Taylor Hobson. “Together we have produced the seamless integration of mechanical hardware and roundness metrology analysis software to deliver a world-class measurement instrument.”

A partnership spanning 30 years


The release of Metrology 4.0 on Taylor Hobson’s roundness range is the latest collaborative episode in the Digital Surf/Taylor Hobson partnership story. The first commercial accord was signed between the two parties in 1992 when Digital Surf was still a young start-up company. The two companies have continued to grow side-by-side ever since, with the joint goal of making metrology customers’ lives easier. Heavy investment in research and development, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong accent on customer support are some of the core values shared by both companies.

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