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What's inside MountainsLab®

Data confluence
Bring together data from multiple instruments, speed up analysis by using one single software program and ensure you are generating meaningful results from your data.
Compatible with any instrument
Process data from 2D and 3D profilometers, scanning electron microscopes (SEM), scanning probe microscopes (SPM)/atomic force microscopes (AFM) and spectrometers. Open hundreds of file formats covering profiles, surfaces, images, multi-channel files, force curves, hyperspectral cubes, etc.
Correlative analysis
Perform correlative analysis quickly and easily. Use the MountainsLab® colocalization feature to combine and overlay images and other data from different instruments.
Surface texture analysis
Use application-specific tools for analyzing surface texture. Access advanced filters, parameters and other tools for profiles, series of profiles and surfaces.
Advanced particle analysis
Detect and quantify particles, pores, grains and other image features of any shape and size on any surface and from any instrument. Group particles into classes based on characteristics and generate statistics.
Generate statistics
Generate statistics for static or dynamic data populations. Create statistics reports and let MountainsLab® detect and update data automatically. Display control charts, histograms, scatter plots and more.
Advanced contour analysis
Automatically generate dimensions of profiles, compare profiles with CAD data in DXF format or user-defined nominal form and graphically display form deviations.
Force spectroscopy
Analyze force curves and force volume. Detect adhesion force, apply Wormlike chain (WLC) models for protein unfolding, generate Young’s Modulus map etc.
Raman & IR spectroscopy
Visualize & analyze spectra & hyperspectral cubes obtained using Raman & IR spectrometers, CITS etc.
SEM image colorization
Add color to objects in SEM images in just a few clicks. Automatic object detection. Save time compared with using photo editing software.
3D SEM image reconstruction
Generate 3D surface topography from two successive tilted scans of your sample or 4 images scanned by a 4-quadrant detector. Get approximate 3D rendering from a single image. All in a matter of seconds.
Learn & teach
Access tutorials and ready-to-use templates adapted to each different instrument type. Easily teach new colleagues about surface and image analysis routines.

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MountainsLab® Premium MountainsLab® Expert
Instrument compatibility All types of surface measuring and imaging instrument: 2D/3D profilometer, scanning electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes etc.
All available modules from across the Mountains® family range
Automotive parameters, advanced filters, parameters
Correction and enhancement of multilayer SPM data
Dimensional measurements (step heights, distances etc.) on SPM data
Extensive range of 2D analysis & characterization tools for SEM images.
Force curve and force volume analysis and features
Image enhancement & correction
Instant 3D enhancement of single SEM images
Particle and pore analysis for surface and image data
Semi-automatic SEM image colorization
Statistical analysis of static and dynamic populations
Ultimate set of surface texture parameters
Ultra-fast 3D reconstruction from stereo or quad SEM images



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