Multiple instrument compatibility - for use with any surface imaging, analysis and metrology instrument.
Cutting edge surface imaging - image overlays on 3D topography, view from any angle and apply stunning renderings.
Correction of measurement defects & anomalies - intelligent image enhancement, full set of smoothing and denoising filters.
Analysis of surface geometry and texture at any scale including geometric dimensioning, comparison with nominal form, ISO form deviation parameters.
Advanced features: grains & particles analysis, 3D Fourier analysis, functional analysis, statistics, 4D series etc.
Co-localize data from different instruments (for example optical and electron microscopes, AFMs etc) for correlative studies.

Key features

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MountainsMap® Premium

High-end software solution for all types of surface measuring instrument

  • Ideal for labs working with several different instruments

MountainsMap® Universal

Modular surface imaging, analysis and metrology software


  • Compatible with all types of surface and measuring instrument



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