MountainsMap® version 7

Recommended configuration for standard use

Windows versions: Windows 10 x64
Processor: Quad core processor
RAM memory: 8 GB
Graphic card: AMD or NVIDIA 256MB
Resolution: 1600×1024 in thousands of colors

Recommended configuration for intensive use

Windows versions: Windows 10 x64
Processor: Multiple quad core processors
RAM memory: 32 GB
Graphic card: AMD or NVIDIA 256MB
Resolution: Full HD

Minimum requirements

Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, either x64 or x32
RAM memory: 4 GB
Graphic card: OpenGL 2.0 or Direct 3D 9.0c hardware accelerated
Resolution: 1280×768 in thousands of colors
HDD free space: 800 MB
Other: 1 free USB port


  • Intensive use: 3D SEM reconstruction with images bigger than 8 MPixels or Surface data files bigger than 8000×8000 points or large series of images/surfaces.
  • Large data files and/or complex operations may lead to long treatment times. Compatibility and performance shall be tested by users before using MountainsMap in production (see EULA).
  • MountainsMap version 7 is not compatible anymore with Windows XP.
  • 64-bit version allows the use of all memory. 32-bit version can only access 3GB.
  • Algorithms are optimized for parallel processing on multicore processors.
  • Version 7 is compatible with multitouch tablets and gestures.
  • SEM and 4D modules require at least 8 GB of RAM

Language specification













User interface:
Reference guide:


  • Reference guide is available in English when not available in another language.
  • Italian reference guide was available until version 5.1.
  • Spanish reference guide was available until version 6.2.
  • Russian available from version 7.3.
  • Brazilian Portuguese available from version 6.1.
  • Korean available from version 5.1.
  • Polish available from version 4.1.

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