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Automotive seal/shaft leak-tightness – 2nd generation lead analysis

3D scanning profilometer with rotation unit + MountainsMap® Scanning Topography software or 3D optical profiler with rotation unit + MountainsMap® Imaging Topography software

Input Data

  • Lead measurement data set obtained by executing the measurement strategy specified in the 2009 Mercedes-Benz engineering standard.
  • Results

  • Lead analysis report - generated automatically by applying the 2nd generation lead analysis algorithm specified in Mercedes-Benz Engineering Standard MBN 31 007-7 Edition 2009-04.
  • MountainsMap® tools used

  • Lead (Twist) Analysis module.

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    Lead (Twist) Analysis Module data sheet

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    3D Optical

    3D Scanning



    SEM (scanning electron microscope)



    Correlative Studies

    3D Optical Profiler + SEM (scanning electron microscope)

    AFM-IR (atomic force microscope with tunable pulsed infrared source)

    STM (scanning tunneling microscope) + SEM (scanning electron microscope)

    AFM (atomic force microscope) + SEM (scanning electron microscope)

    AFM (atomic force microscope) + fluorescence microscope

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